Outdoor Website Marketing & Design

I’m a New Hampshire based outdoorsman and conservationist myself – my outdoor web designs have helped any number of fishing guides, fishing charters, and boat captains – and a number of conservation focused nonprofit sas well. I’ve been in business since 2012 and I am looking to follow my passions and expand into new and exciting outdoor industries. Whether you’re a fishing or hunting guide, outdoor related podcast, a nonprofit org or are selling an outdoorsy product – I can help. I completely understand the seasonal and cyclical nature of your business – and also understand that cash can be tight when it comes to marketing. Even the most simplistic (well built) outdoorsy website can work for you around the clock – representing you when you’re in the field, generating leads, tracking contacts, and gathering prospective new sports/clients.

While my designs are simple, I customize each design to your brand so you don’t look exactly like everyone else on the block. Plus, I give you the foundation to adapt and grow using professional WordPress -CMS based tools and programs to keep your site healthy and active online. Sure there are low budget options out there – but you pay for what you get. WIth my work, you are a partner – I get to know your business and position you online for success in your specific market. This may include some competitive analysis or research into the way your competition is working – and how you can best be the subject matter expert in your field (at least online!) The goal is to build a scalable marketing platform that differentiates yourself and your unique value add, so each website I build will be custom to the specific outdoor business that you play in.


I built simple and highly functional websites that look great and perform even better. By focusing on the backend technology – you get more for your dollar (SEO, API integrations, Analytics).


When you build it – they do not come. If you don’t know how to properly promote your business, your website sits like a deer in headlights. You need to market yourself – hard – to succeed.


You’re busy with clients in the Great Outdoors – you definitely don’t have time for maintenance and upkeep of your website and collateral. Here’s where I come in – making sure everything is functional and healthy while you are away so you can be carefree about the tech. I oversee the technical compnents of an increasingly-complicated world online so you can have fun in the wilds.


Unless you’re a superstar photographer and spend your days posting breathtaking photos, you’ve probably learned that social media (the organic “Free” style) is a think of the past. You simply have to pay to play in this age – but it doesn’t have to be huge dollars. Carefully curated ads on social and across the google network are key to reaching the right people at the right time.